The following are the spaces/rooms/equipment in the Hall which are available for rental. Click on the name of the area for a description and photographs of the specific rental.  WIFI throughout the facility. Full presentation equipment in the Tea Room and the Main Hall.

The prices of the rentals are included as a guide please contact Bonnie for complete details. Renters are asked to leave the rental space in a good condition. Nominal cleanup time is included in your rental, BUT if there is a lot of extra cleaning you will be charged extra at $20.00 per hour for cleaning. If you wish to have tables and chairs set up there is a charge of $40.00 per function. THE ENTIRE HALL IS NON SMOKING. ANY SMOKING WILL RESULT IN A $250.00 EXTRA CHARGE!

If you have liquor at your function there is no extra charge BUT you must obtain a permit from Saskatchewan Liquor. If you do not you will be liable for a fine

You may also rent separately chairs and tables for a function not being hosted in the hall. Other equipment such as coffee urns, dishes, etc. maybe also be rented. Click on the button below for a description

For complete information on rental availability and prices please contact: Bonnie Gleim at 306-295-3655 or email her at








Main Hall
Tea Room
Main doors
Main Hall from stage
Main Hall from stage- Fall Fair 2011
Cloak room
Main Hall cloak room
Food service area
Food service bar/area- Main hall
Bar Area
Bar in main hall- Fall Fair 2011

PLEASE NOTE: Rentals are 50% off due to Covid.

Click here to display a rental form. This form can be filled out online and then printed and emailed or posted.